The First Time I Saw You: the most heartwarming and emotional love story of the year (English Edition) Price: 449,00  (prix au 02/01/2024 22:52 PST- Details)

‘Beautifully observed, tender and genuinely funny’ Josie Silver, author of One Day in December

From the author of The Songs of Us (shortlisted for the RNA Contemporary Novel Award) comes a love story that will break your heart, but put it back together again. Fans of Jojo Moyes and Lucy Dillon will love The First Time I Saw You by Emma Cooper.

Lost: Six-foot-two Irish man who answers to the name Samuel McLaughlin.
Has weak shins and enjoys show tunes.
If found, please return to Sophie Williams.

Sophie Williams has the perfect career and it’s all she needs to shut herself off from the rest of the world, and more importantly, the secrets of her past.

Samuel McLaughlin is an open book. He lives for the present and life for him is his big Irish family and his friends.

Against all expectation, Samuel breaks down the walls of Sophie’s ordered world and they spend the perfect week together. But when Sophie discovers the terrible truth, she is forced to leave.

Then as Samuel begins searching for Sophie, a life-changing event alters how he sees life forever.
And with each passing week, Sophie seems further and further from his reach…

Readers love The First Time I Saw You:

‘I am in love with all the characters in this book. Such a beautiful, funny, heartbreaking and heartwarming story of first love, lost love, mishaps and misunderstandings’

‘Emma Cooper knows how to take readers on a journey, offering tears and hysteria in equal measures, and definite page-turning, and heart-wrenching moments’

‘Extremely well written and so rich that I could picture every character clearly and the book played out like a movie in my mind’

‘Emma is a wonderful author and has an amazing ability to take us on a journey with her wonderful characters

‘Strong storytelling and in a style that’s all Emma Cooper’s, brilliant characters that I can relate to and the kind of story that feels like it was written just for me’

It’s not often a book makes you laugh out loud and then cry into your tea, or wine. This story did both’

‘What characters! I felt I was there with them all watching the twists and turns of the story unfold! I could see the scenes and feel the desperation, the desolation, frustrations, fears and joy!’